After reading the bullshit In the government this morning on their debate once again about those seeking asylum in Australia I sent the underlined email to the Chief political correspondent Simon Cullen:

With regard to those seeking refuge within the shores of Australia, I find it disgusting to say the least.

I have concluded that due to the current economic pricing, the recent introduction of the much debated carbon tax coupled with our government in power within Australia that our once beautiful country is slowly heading towards becoming nothing more than a third world mess.

Australia is holding a flashing sign above our sinking country saying welcome to those who are seeking asylum, allowing the boats to even enter the shores to start with, however what the government are neglecting to discuss is the number of those who come into our country by air, and overstay their holiday visas fitting into the overall community.

The mixture of emotions in the policy agreements as to how this pandemic is dealt with has gone on for far too long, considering that in our own back yard, we have over 105,000 Australians who are homeless on any given night. (Double the figure of 5 years ago).

Facts are those seeking asylum should be sent back when boats are first seen heading into our shore lines, regardless of the inhumanity the alleged peace keepers keep banging their drum about, its inhumane to continue to allow this to go on, further adding insult to injury by offering a monetary incentive to individuals who will open their home to a refugee, and assist with integrating them into our westernised manners.

Further the distaste that this monetary incentive leaves in my mouth, is the utter disregard for the Australians who are literally finding themselves being driven out of jobs homes, and our country our home, by the increase of those fleeing their countries coming into ours.

Face it what would happen if we Australians jumped on boats and started heading for the United Kingdom in droves? Would her majesty welcome us with a lump sum payment and a getting settled package? I doubt that very much.

As Pauline Hanson did state, send the chinkey chinks home, she was actually quite right with her one nation campaign shame she was the fall guy for the governments in consistent policies and sad leadership overall.

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