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About Angel

Born 1976

Founder of Choices Australia Inc, through knowledge of having been in that situation and knowing from personal experience how hard it is when you have hit rock bottom, Choices was born.

Along the South East Gold Coast, Queensland Choices is a registered trade mark that is rapidly growing.

When we think of Angel’s we often associate them with love religion and fairy tales, this misrepresentation of word association has led this Angel over many years through many of life’s paths.

Passionate, driven and defiantly stubborn, Angel has tried failed, succeeded and continued to evolve, grow and enjoy the journey the universe holds.

Non-traditional in nature, non-conforming are two traits that have brought this Angel to the cross roads of Choices.

I have my views, opinions and belief’s and chooses not to force them upon others.

Over the years, I have met many people across the walk of life, from elderly, to adolescent, black white, tan, male female, some honest others selfish, but each had an impact on my world in way or the other, the significance on how I choose to let each experience impact upon my daily life is up to me to determine,

Which is ultimately how Choices was discovered, through my own personal experience as I set out on a mission after finding myself at the mercy of the do gooders of this world who simply make issues that are complicated enough worse rather than better. 

Choices has developed and grown through actual blood sweet and tears.  After finishing formal study at the Queensland University Gold Coast, 2009 Angel had taken on an entire world without even realizing and with a realistic outlook on life, and knowledge of what communities were experiencing, Choices has taken the approach that was innovative, bold, and plain out of the box.


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About Angel O'Fire

New Zealand born, this kiwi chick took flight to live in the great land down under in Queensland Australia in 1988. I am clumsy at times not known for my tact and or grace, straight to the point, and somewhat impatient, I have come to accept that what is in this life simply is. Far from religious, I do not believe in a divine god per say that will come down and save the world, although I accept each to their own when it comes to their views and beliefs of what religion is or should be. I consider myself to be my own worst critic as I tend to strive for best, and have a tendency to push myself physically and emotionally beyond my limits. Still naive at times, still hoping to see the good rather than the bad in people, this has not been one of the qualities that I can say I am fond of, as it has come to burn me time after time over the years. I am a strong believer in Karma, as I do believe in what we put out is what we do get in return, good bad or indifferent. With a tendency to stand my ground when it comes to opinions, as we all have one, there is no right nor wrong, it is a perspective, a view point on how we view a subject. Zero tolerance for others who are self-riotous, I have no interest in people who claim to have never done any wrong in their lives, and who judge others, prior to walking in those they cast judgement upon’s shoes. I am just your average girl who is trying to make my way through life as it is. I am a mother, lover, friend, partner, co-worker, manager, coach, and referee, a Jill of all trades. A firm believer that ‘ignorance is not bliss’ nor is ‘ignorance’ and excuse to be an arsehole in the world we live in today, those who continue to use the ‘ignorance is bliss’ rule are plainly arrogant and uneducated. I love the water, beach surf and sand, the water is where I seem to find myself when I need to take 5 mins out of life's hectic cycle. I figure that each to their own, as it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. I believe that life is not learnt out of a text book, and often wonder why we teach our lessons from one to our growing generations. Although I can be a surprising wealth of knowledge I find it amazing how a person can actually no so much about nothing, yet be a master of the topic. I am that girl who cuts her jeans into shorts because she got hot, am not one to enjoy shopping, in fact I hate the entire nightmare of going shopping and it has me fkd how so many chicks say 'lets make a day of it' and love bouncing from shop to shop looking at things that are well pointless. All in all that is me so hello world I'm Angel.
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3 Responses to Angelic Like

  1. Hi Angel,, you know not one of us is perfect not a one.. and this life is all about that Universal experience.. And dispite you being stretched left, right and Centre, you will not break or be torn in two… For your strength is something very powerful …
    Sometimes all you need remember to do is Breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!… :-) from a long time Friend… ;-)
    ~ Dreamwalker

  2. Angel O'Fire says:

    Perfection is over rated……I think I enjoy being me for the most part……I know my good points I shudder as I accept the not so good……but over all I consider myself to be a fair person, a forgiving person, & understanding. Life is a journey we all travel, we all live and learn as they say……..and those lessons that life teaches us are the things we will carry with us throughout time……

  3. :-) you are one Wise lady… and we are all of us still learning lessons each and every day… Much love ~Sue

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