Beating My Own Drum

It has me lost how so many people can be experts on everything yet know nothing.

These types of people piss me off to tears.

The reality is they know sweet fuck all and preach to everybody around them about subjects they would know zero nothing, zip about.

This expert field of bullshit got me wondering, how long did this know it all study in his or her field of becoming a self-appointed judge, jury and executioner, a self-riotous son of a bitch who can throw rocks in their own glass house, how long has this mother of all being and divine thoughts actually had so much to say about a subject that is of no fucking relevance at all yet they have somehow made it into a focus point of everything?

I start to wonder to myself how many hours has this person spent perfecting their mind numbing head fucking opinions.

As I sigh, with a feeling of pity for this idiot, there is simply no point at being pissed off with somebody who stands in front of a mirror and can literally start a fucking argument with themselves.

There is no point in attempting to bring this to his or her attention as they have an honours in being right again a self-proclaimed award but none the less an award.

This total waste of space human is simply sad, as I remind myself of mindful listening, and think back to early days of learning about behaviour blah blah.

As I remember back to why it is that I am me, I get this grin, slight but there.

This is the simple yet real thing that sets this dickhead that knows everything about nothing apart from me, from my world, from effecting the way I choose to react to his or her total boring and utterly transparent ramblings, or not.

No reaction sometimes is far more effective than giving an explosive one.

The cliché, of how my silence is deafening is actually truer than I could have ever imagined.

Oh fuck I have hit the next level, pass go collect $200 and con-grad-u-fuck-a-ltions.

There is such a word as evolution, I have just nailed it, because me myself and I just evolved from being good to being fucking brilliant.

I myself and me, take great delight in knowing this, therefore could not really give a shit what Mr Ms miss or Mrs I know everything about nothing is rattling on and on  with, it’s a bit like attempting to play guitar, minus the strings. There is no noise, just some cracker strumming on fresh air.

It is with this thought, I beat the symbols on my air drums, turn my back and say nothing, I say nothing because I don’t need to say a word, and my silence at this subject says it all.

About Angel O'Fire

New Zealand born, this kiwi chick took flight to live in the great land down under in Queensland Australia in 1988. I am clumsy at times not known for my tact and or grace, straight to the point, and somewhat impatient, I have come to accept that what is in this life simply is. Far from religious, I do not believe in a divine god per say that will come down and save the world, although I accept each to their own when it comes to their views and beliefs of what religion is or should be. I consider myself to be my own worst critic as I tend to strive for best, and have a tendency to push myself physically and emotionally beyond my limits. Still naive at times, still hoping to see the good rather than the bad in people, this has not been one of the qualities that I can say I am fond of, as it has come to burn me time after time over the years. I am a strong believer in Karma, as I do believe in what we put out is what we do get in return, good bad or indifferent. With a tendency to stand my ground when it comes to opinions, as we all have one, there is no right nor wrong, it is a perspective, a view point on how we view a subject. Zero tolerance for others who are self-riotous, I have no interest in people who claim to have never done any wrong in their lives, and who judge others, prior to walking in those they cast judgement upon’s shoes. I am just your average girl who is trying to make my way through life as it is. I am a mother, lover, friend, partner, co-worker, manager, coach, and referee, a Jill of all trades. A firm believer that ‘ignorance is not bliss’ nor is ‘ignorance’ and excuse to be an arsehole in the world we live in today, those who continue to use the ‘ignorance is bliss’ rule are plainly arrogant and uneducated. I love the water, beach surf and sand, the water is where I seem to find myself when I need to take 5 mins out of life's hectic cycle. I figure that each to their own, as it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. I believe that life is not learnt out of a text book, and often wonder why we teach our lessons from one to our growing generations. Although I can be a surprising wealth of knowledge I find it amazing how a person can actually no so much about nothing, yet be a master of the topic. I am that girl who cuts her jeans into shorts because she got hot, am not one to enjoy shopping, in fact I hate the entire nightmare of going shopping and it has me fkd how so many chicks say 'lets make a day of it' and love bouncing from shop to shop looking at things that are well pointless. All in all that is me so hello world I'm Angel.
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2 Responses to Beating My Own Drum

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello Angel. I adore your ability in this respect, and wish I was able to be so calm and think those situations out as well as you describe. I am better than in the past, where I use to argue with the TV as the Talking Heads would pontificate, but I still get upset and angry over stuff I know is not true or when some one says it is a world with out sades of grey. I will end this. I plan to ask my Toy Box Readers to jump over here and see what you wrote. Thanks Scottie

  2. Angel O'Fire says:

    Thanks Scottie,
    It may sound calm cool and kind of collected but rest assured this Angel does certainly not lack in the temper department,
    nor do I lack in letting fly from time to time.
    However with this said, as I have aged I have come to learn that yes indeed it does take all kind’s to make our world turn,
    there is a point we reach when we just know that there is always going to be those out there who are ever so educated in nothing,
    therefore the choice to let them remain overly qualified in this area is not that hard to do when you weigh up the times in the past
    you have argued with these kinds of dick heads as opposed to how not given a shit and you stop, as you realise you no longer want
    to argue you realise the best and most effective weapon you hold you have always held, (you just never realised you had it) this weapon
    is that of your silence, as I said silence is deafening. ;)

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